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I am a principal network architect at QTS Data Centers

01/31/2018 Supermoon in enhanced color:

Taken a few hours before the Lunar eclipse the color saturation was pushed during processing to exaggerate and reveal the subtle colors that are present on the moon even when it is not eclipsed. Orange areas are due to an abundance of Iron oxide, and purple areas are due to Titanium oxide.

11/23/2017 New Paper:

Emperically Derived Fermion Higgs Yukawa Couplings and Pole Masses

Abstract: Empirically derived formulas are proposed for calculating the Higgs field Yukawa couplings and
pole masses of the twelve known fundamental fermions with experimental inputs me, mu, and the
Fermi constant G0F.

11/11/2017: Here is a physics paper I wrote about fundamental particle masses (original verion 2/27/2017):

A new empirical approach to lepton and quark masses

Abstract: A novel alternative to the Koide formula and it's extensions is presented. A new lepton ratio with
a small dimensionless residual k_e = m_e m_t^2 / m_u^3 and mass scaling factor alpha_f = 27m_e / m_t are used to
construct empirical formulas for charged leptons, left-handed neutrinos and quarks. The predicted
masses are in excellent agreement with known experimental values and constraints.

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